Lower Division Oral and Written Communication

and Related Critical Thinking Skills Course

Conflict Resolution Exercise*

(Written Assignment)


Provide a 3-6 page  (double-spaced, typed) narrative responding to the following questions:


What is the heart of the conflict represented during the forums?  Who are the key participants in the conflict?  What are each community’s primary concerns? What are the key barriers to resolution of the dispute? Based on everything you’ve heard and read (particularly in light of the forums), what do you believe is the most fruitful, just, and promising “resolution” to the conflict?  Why?  On what grounds would reasonable others disagree with your proposal?  How do you respond? 


Criteria for Assessment:


1.      Fulfills all steps of the assignment.

2.      Responds clearly and effectively to each of the questions articulated above.

3.      Demonstrates attentive, content, empathic, and critical listening abilities.

4.      Reflects  understanding of  another’s  perspective  on  his or  her own terms.

5.      Demonstrates critical thinking abilities.

6.      Demonstrates moral imagination and balanced partiality.

7.      Conveys ideas clearly and succinctly.

8.      Makes effective use of  appropriate  written  conventions.



*NOTE:  Participants are strongly encouraged to “co-author” the Conflict Resolution Exercise. Up to six authors are permitted per submission.