Lower Division Oral and Written Communication


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Empathic Listening Exercise


Identify the community to be presented during your forum whose perspective you find most difficult to understand fully.  Select  one of  the significant concerns at the root of the conflict to be represented during the forum. Provide a brief  statement  of  your  perspective on the selected  community’s  “demands”  for  resolution. For the remainder of the essay, provide a thoughtful overview of the nature, history, and scope of the community’s perspective. What are some of the most compelling reasons available in  support  of  their  perspective?  (2-5 double-spaced typed pages)


Criteria for Assessment:


1.      Fulfills all steps of the assignment delineated above.

2.      Identifies and explains key points of disagreement.

3.      Provides a clear and concise summary of the writer’s perspective on the central  points  of controversy.

4.      Reflects  understanding  of  another’s perspective  on  his or  her own terms.

5.      Demonstrates moral imagination, empathic listening skills, and balanced partiality.

6.      Conveys ideas clearly and succinctly.

7.      Makes effective use of  appropriate  written  conventions.


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