LISTENING EXERCISE (view lower division model)

Note: This assignment is designed to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities associated with attentive listening (particularly those outlined in Chapter Two of the text).

Below is the full text of the Listening Exercise Assignment:

Identify a key issue related to the topic selected by the class for roundtable deliberations. Provide a brief (one or two sentence) statement of your perspective on this issue. Next, use all of the elements of ethical and effective dialogue outlined in the text in order to acquire and present a thoughtful articulation of a reasonable and viable alternative perspective. Feel free to engage in dialogue either with a classmate (whose views on the subject differ from your own) or with someone outside of the class whose perspective offers a reasonable, viable alternative point of view. What is the other’s perspective on the issue? What grounds of support does the other provide for his or her point of view on the relevant issue? How does the other respond to your ideas? Be sure that the alternative view you select is reasonable, and that your presentation of that view reflects attentive listening and ethical and effective engagement. (2-3 double-spaced, typed pages)

Criteria for Assessment:

1. Clearly articulates a key issue related to the class-selected topic.
2. Concisely explains the key point of controversy.
3. Provides a clear and concise (one or two sentence) summary of the writer’s perspective on the issue.
4. Concisely summarizes a reasonable and viable alternative perspective.
5. Reflects understanding of the other’s perspective on his or her own terms.
6. Demonstrates attentive listening.
7. Makes effective use of appropriate written conventions.



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